The Higgins family from Centerville, NY are descendents of Isaac Allerton, Pilgrim who sailed to Plymouth on the first trip of the Mayflower in 1620.  Isaac was also a signer of the Mayflower Compact.  Click here to see the Higgins family ancestor tree dating back to Isaac Allerton.
Isaac Allerton was born around 1585/1586 in Suffolk, England.  He had been recorded as a tailor from London and was a long time member of the Pilgrim church in Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands.  On November 4, 1611, he married his first wife, Mary Norris in Leyden.  They had three children: Bartholomew, Remember and Mary, all of whom came on the Mayflower with him.
Isaac was about 34 years old when he sailed to America on the Mayflower.  His wife Mary Norris died shortly after arrival to Plymouth in 1620.  Isaac was one of the more active and renowned members of the early Plymouth settlement.  He was elected as Plymouth Governor William Bradford's assistant in 1621, and continued as an assistant for over ten years.  Isaac was Plymouth's designated negotiator for business transactions and made frequent trips to England.
Isaac got remarried to Fear Brewser, daughter of William Brewster of the Mayflower around 1626.  Fear died in 1634 and Isaac got remarried in 1644 to his third wife, Joanna Swinnerton in Marblehead, Massachusetts, most likely.  Isaac remained an active trader, and did regular business with the Dutch at New Netherland in modern-day New York.  Records of his trading can be found in numerous other colonies as well, including Virginia and Barbados.  Isaac died before February 15, 1658/1659 in New Haven, Connecticut at the age of 73.
Children of Isaac Allerton and Mary Norris:
1658 to 1659
m1 Margaret, m2 Sarah Fairfax
1652 to 1656
Moses Maverick
June 1616
November, 28 1699
Thomas Cushman
stillborn son
December 22, 1620
December 22, 1620
Children of Isaac Allerton and Fear Brewster:
died young
1627 to 1630
October 1702
m1 Elizabeth, m2 Elizabeth
The Higgins family from Centerville, NY come from the line of Isaac and Mary (Norris) Allerton's daughter Remember Allerton, who also sailed on the Mayflower.
Remember Allerton was born around 1614/1615 in Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands.  Sometime before May 1635, she married Moses Maverick.  Moses and Remember resided in Marblehead and then moved to Salem, Massachusetts around 1640. They had the following children: Rebecca, Mary, Abigail, Elizabeth (died young), Samuel, Elizabeth, and Remember.  The mother, Remember died between 1652 to 1656 in Salem most likely.
The Mayflower set sail from Southampton, England on August 5, 1620.  She was forced into Dartmouth because her partner ship, the Speedwell, was leaking water.  After fixing the leak, the Mayflower set sail around August 22, 1620 but was again forced back, this time to Plymouth, because of further problems with the Speedwell.  The Speedwell was abandoned at this point, twenty of her passengers returned home and the remainder climbed onboard the Mayflower.  The Mayflower left Plymouth, England on September 6, 1620 for the trip to the new land.  The Mayflower left England with 102 passengers, including three pregnant women, and a crew of approximately 25 to 30.
On November 9, 1620, the crew of the Mayflower first sighted land off Cape Cod.  The ship was able to dock 2 days later on November 11, 1620.  The voyage from Plymouth, England to Plymouth Harbor was about 2,750 miles and took 66 days to complete. However, the return voyage only took a month.
The Pilgrims lived out of the docked Mayflower for the first several months.  By mid-December, the Pilgrims were running low on provisions.  They would make trips to land to build houses and stores.  Many of the people were very sick and the bad weather kept much work from being done.  A devastating 50% of the passengers died during the first winter in Plymouth.
On April 5, 1621, the Mayflower set sail back for England, since the weather was improving and the Pilgrims health was beginning to recover.  The ship arrived in England in May 6 and brought news of the successful establishment at Plymouth.
Plymouth Governor William Bradford wrote a passenger list for the Mayflower in his History Of Plymouth Plantation, which he wrote between 1630 and 1654.  William Bradford, included in his passenger list the following: "Mr Isaack Allerton, and Mary his wife; with .3. children Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary. and a servant boy, John Hooke."
Bradford later recorded the following "Mr. Allerton his wife died with the first, and his servant John Hooke. His son Bartle is married in England but I know not how many children he hath. His daughter Remember is married at Salem and hath three or four children living. And his daughter Mary is married here and hath four children. Himself married again with the daughter of Mr. Brewster and hath one son living by her, but she is long since dead. And he is married again and hath left this place long ago. So I account his increase to be eight, besides his sons in England."
The following is an exact transcription of the Mayflower Compact as found in William Bradford's History Of Plymouth Plantation (bold text added for emphasis):
In ye name of God Amen· We whose names are vnderwriten, the loyall subjects of our dread soueraigne Lord King James by ye grace of God, of great Britaine, franc, & Ireland king, defender of ye faith, &c Haueing vndertaken, for ye glorie of God, and aduancemente of ye christian ^faith and honour of our king & countrie, a voyage to plant ye first colonie in ye Northerne parts of Virginia· doe by these presents solemnly & mutualy in ye presence of God, and one of another, couenant, & combine our selues togeather into a ciuill body politick; for ye our better ordering, & preseruation & fur= therance of ye ends aforesaid; and by vertue hearof, to enacte, constitute, and frame shuch just & equall lawes, ordinances, Acts, constitutions, & offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meete & conuenient for ye generall good of ye colonie:  vnto which we promise all due submission and obedience.  In witnes wherof we haue herevnder subscribed our names at Cap= Codd ye ·11· of Nouember, in ye year of ye raigne of our soueraigne Lord king James of England, france, & Ireland ye eighteenth and of Scotland ye fiftie fourth. Ano: Dom ·1620·|
John Carver
Edward Tilley
Degory Priest
William Bradford
John Tilley
Thomas Williams
Edward Winslow
Francis Cooke
Gilbert Winslow
William Brewster
Thomas Rogers
Edmund Margesson
Isaac Allerton
Thomas Tinker
Peter Brown
Myles Standish
John Rigsdale
Richard Britteridge
John Alden
Edward Fuller
George Soule
Samuel Fuller
John Turner
Richard Clarke
Christopher Martin
Francis Eaton
Richard Gardinar
William Mullins
James Chilton
John Allerton
William White
John Crackstone
Thomas English
Richard Warren
John Billington
Edward Doty
John Howland
Moses Fletcher
Edward Leister
Stephen Hopkins
John Goodman
The Mayflower Compact was signed on November 11, 1620 while on board the Mayflower, which was at anchor in Provincetown Harbor.  The compact was a very important document, for it was a covenant that gave the reason for the Pilgrim's voyage to America and the purpose of civil government. Notice in the compact, that the Pilgrims came here for three reasons; (1) for the glory of God, (2) for the advancement of the Christian faith and (3) to honor the king and country.  Notice also that King James was referred to as a defender of the Christian faith.
The compact also explains that the purpose of civil government is for (1) better order, (2) preservation and (3) to accomplish the goals of glorifying God, advancing the faith and honoring king and country.  Also, the compact established that all laws and ordinances should be just, equal and for the good of the overall society.
The compact formed the basis for the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Many of our Godly founding fathers from the late 1700's were descendents of the Mayflower Pilgrims. 
President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a descendent of Isaac and Mary (Norris) Allerton and their daughter Mary.
Franklin D. Roosevelt → Sara Delano → Warren Delano → Warren Delano → Elizabeth Cushman → James Cushman → Eleazer Cushman → MARY ALLERTON → ISAAC ALLERTON
President Zachary Taylor is also a descendent of Isaac Allerton.
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