Wilson W. Eister and Christiana Elizabeth Love Brosius

Wilson W. Eister
Christiana Elizabeth Love Brosius
Calvin Charles Eister and Catherine Sarah Singmaster Family:
Left to right, Charles Wilson, Dorothy May, Calvin Charles, Catherine Sarah,
Marguriete Christina, Ruth Isabelle and George Elmer
Lewis Miles Eister (on right)
Lewis Miles Eister and Lottie L. Hornberger Children:
Donald W. and Geraldine
George Edwin 'Eddie' Eister
George Edwin 'Eddie' Eister and Ella May Freeman Children:
Evelyn Mae, Marion Anna and Earl Freeman
Daniel Wilson Eister and Ella May Freeman
Christiana Elizabeth 'Christie' Eister

Christiana Elizabeth 'Christie' Eister and Charles Henry Fertich
Christiana Elizabeth 'Christie' Eister and Charles Henry Fertich Family:
Left to right, Christiana Elizabeth, Ella Mae (back), Grace (front), Charles Henry and Benjamin Franklin
Emma Eister

Peter Emro Eister

Wilson W. Eister was born on March 5, 1852 in Lavelle, PA, the son of Benneville and Francis 'Fanny' Rickard Eister. Christiana was born on February 18, 1855 in Butler-West Township, Schuylkill County, PA, the daughter of William Love and Elizabeth Paul.  William died around 1857 and Elizabeth remarried Tobias Brosius, who raised Christiana.

Christiana was married to Joseph Seltzer who died in 1878, prior to her marriage in 1882 with Wilson Eister.

The family is recorded in the 1900 census and 1910 census of Butler Township, Schuylkill County.

Wilson died on January 23, 1902 in Lavelle.  Christiana later died on August 21, 1941 They are both buried in Huntersville, Schuylkill County, PA.  View Christiana's death certificate.

Christiana's children with first marriage to a Seltzer:

Birth Date
Death Date
  Ida Seltzer October 08, 1875 ? ?  
  William Seltzer January 1877 After 1900 Clara  
  Joseph Seltzer March 09, 1878 1951 Carrie Bordon  
  Edward Seltzer ? ? ?  


Wilson and Christiana had the following children together:

Birth Date
Death Date
  Calvin Charles December 27, 1883 April 09, 1960 Catherine Singmaster  
  Lewis Miles June 04, 1884 1950 Lottie L. Hornberger  
  George Edwin October 14, 1885 1910 Ella May Freeman  
  Daniel Wilson February 03, 1887 April 15, 1974 Ella May Freeman  
  Cassie M. April 30, 1888 1904 None  
  Christiana Elizabeth September 29, 1889 September 18, 1974 Charles Henry Fertich  
  Emma January 17, 1891 1937 Charles Leonard Felker  
  Peter Emro April 18, 1895 December 01, 1954 Blanche Slotterbach  

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