Courtesy of Mr. Sam Pudleiner
Josef Fertich, Sr. Family - circa 1907-1908
Josef, Sr. and Anna Maria (Mal˙) Fertich, seated
Josef, Jr. and Elizabeth (Weissmüller) Fertich on left with children Matt and Annie
Anton and Rosina (Czak) Fertich on right
Elizabeth (Weissmüller) Fertich with grandson Frank Fertich
Matt Fertich wearing chaps and armed with rifle for shooting predators
Matt Fertich family on bean ranch, Rossland, B.C. - 1938
Matt Fertich with son Joe - circa 1942
Matt Fertich - circa 1949
Matt Fertich Family - circa 1957
Left to right: Matt Fertich, Marion (Fertich) Pudleiner, Denise Pudleiner, Charmaine Pudleiner, Daniel Pudleiner and Theresa (Brehm) Fertich
Michael and Kathryn Brehm family
Fertich's Threshing Farm - 1930
Fertich's Threshing Farm - 1932
S.S. Ultonia
Ship which carried Josef Fertich, Sr. and his wife Maria Anna
from Fiume, Hungary to Ellis Island, New York, on December 5, 1904.
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