The Herring Family: (left to right)
Back row: Verna, Anna, Paul, Dorothy, Irene
Front row: Clarence, Rheta, Lizzie
Clarence and Lizzie Herring
with grandson Dale Fertich
Clarence and Lizzie Herring
Clarence Herring
Clarence Herring
Clarence Herring
with grandchildren Pauline, Paul and Dale Fertich (left to right)
Clarence Herring Farm
Pitman, PA
Clarence Herring Farm
Pitman, PA
Clarence and Lizzie Herring Children:
Irene and Dorothy abt 1925 (left to right)
Paul and Miriam Herring
Benjamin and Dorothy (Herring) Fertich
about 1940
Lamar and Irene (Herring) Heyer
Wedding Day
Bob Welker on right
Lizzie Herring with Daughters:
Anna, Rheta, Dorothy, Verna, Lizzie and Irene (left to right):
Clarence and Lizzie Herring Children, January 1986:
Anna, Irene, Dorothy, Verna and Rheta (left to right)
Clarence and Lizzie Herring Children, January 1991:
Rheta, Verna, Irene, Anna and Dorothy (left to right)
Clarence and Lizzie Herring Children, July 2002:
Dorothy, Verna, Anna and Rheta (left to right)
Clarence and Lizzie Herring Children, May 2010:
Dorothy's 90th Birthday Celebration
Rheta, Anna, and Verna (standing left to right), Dorothy (sitting)
Clarence and Lizzie Herring Family Reunion August 2001

Clarence Herring was born on July 31, 1893 in Eldred Township, Schuylkill County, PA. He was the son of Joel and Lucetta (Schneider) Herring.  Clarence married Katie Elizabeth 'Lizzie' around 1915.  Lizzie was born on March 28, 1895 in Upper Mahantongo Township, Schuylkill County, PA.  She is the daughter of Felix and Eva (Wolfgang) Deitrich.
Clarence owned Herring's Choice Meat & Poultry near Pitman, PA. The farm was located on Helfenstein Road, east of Pitman. As they aged, Clarence and Lizzie built a new house along side the original farm house, which their son Paul moved into. The family was recorded in the 1920 census and the 1930 census.  They were members of the St. James Lutheran Church in Pitman and the Zion Evangelical Congregational Church in Pitman.
Clarence died on October 29, 1969 in the Good Samaritan Hospital in Pottsville, PA.  Lizzie died on November 9, 1974 in her home in Pitman. They were buried in the St. Paul's Evangelical Congregational Church south of Pitman.
In 2004, Dorothy Herring Fertich (oldest daughter of Clarence and Lizzie) recalled some of her childhood memories.  Dorothy spoke Pennsylvania Dutch up until she started attending school.  Her parents knew English, but they always spoke Pennsylvania Dutch.  Dorothy's grandmother spoke very little English and thought that there was no need for Dorothy to learn English. Dorothy only had one brother, and since she was the oldest girl, she helped a lot with the farm duties. At the age of 16, she used to harness up the work horses and old iron plow to plow the fields all by herself.  She would grab the reigns and say "Giddie up Dep".  She also drove the pickup truck around the farm.  Dorothy gave commands to the horses in Pennsylvania Dutch. She would say “Will Haul” and “Will Hey” to get the horses to turn to the left and right. Their names were Ned and Charley.  Dorothy also said that she cared for her younger sisters a lot when she was little.  She said that she remembers the day when Rheta was born. She said that her mother went out and had to chop wood the same day after delivering Rheta.

Clarence and Lizzie had the following children:

Birth Date
Death Date
Paul Allen
September 21, 1917
September 7, 1964
Miriam Aletha Artman
Dorothy Mae 'Dot'
May 27, 1920
Benjamin 'Ben' Franklin Fertich
Minnie Irene
July 8, 1922
Lamar Andrew Heyer
Verna Frances
October 15, 1925
Kenneth Eldon Wilde
Anna Ruth
March 21, 1927
Leonard Franklin Maurer
Rheta Jean
November 1, 1929
Mark Millard Masser
Infant Boy
about 1932
Died at birth

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