Llangollen Clyde and Jennie Edna (Morris) Higgins
Clyde Higgins
Clyde Higgins
Clyde Higgins
Clyde Higgins
Clyde Higgins
Clyde Higgins in his room
Jennie (Morris) Higgins
Jennie (Morris) Higgins
Jennie (Morris) Higgins with Irving
Jennie (Morris) Higgins
Jennie (Morris) Higgins
Jennie (Morris) Higgins on left
Jennie (Morris) Higgins
Jennie (Morris) Higgins with a catch in Florida
Jennie (Morris) Higgins with daughter Clydice
Jennie (Morris) Higgins with daughter Clydice - 4 generations
Children of Clyde and Jennie: Clydice and Lee
Sherm Robinson with Molly, 1932
2nd husband of Jennie after Clyde passed away
Sherm Robinson and Jennie (Morris) Higgins with Jerry & Betty Jean
Sherm Robinson and Jennie (Morris) Higgins
Excerpts from Clyde's Journal
Jan 1910
Fri-21- I got up at-4-am- 32° above zero done chores + took load potatoes to Fillmore continued snowing just as we left and turned to rain kept all day. Pa went as for as Hume stayed at J B Pratts – sold one bu to J Robins the rest 34 bu 5 lbs L S Gelsen  40c bu.  Got Prince shod at Hume to day.
Thur-27- Cut wood to day went to bed early
Sat-29-Cut wood went to movy picture show at Fillmore E C S went with me.  Saw the comet again
Sun-30-Went to church in daytime spent the wc at Fred Schmidts
February 1910
Tue-1-Mercury stood at 20° this morning I ground ax shoveled out skidway drawed pole wood and over to the house + logs for wood on the skidway  Gluisa came up on the hill to look for the comet could see only the tail of it it is so low in the horizon.  Mildred gone to Eold Woffins to prayer meeting with Arlie Bearlslee
Wed-2-…got hunting license
Thu-17- Mother Birthday 58 to day got 22 post cards. I cut wood
Tue-22-set around house add day hitched up team tookWillis, Libbie Alie and Mildred to prayer meeting at H Williams, stormed quite hard warming house
Thr-24- 16° below zero here this morning milk train 344 stalled where the freight was yesterday was there till about 1 PM
Fri-25-…Weighed Pig today weighed 75 lbs
March 2010
Wed-2-.got new calf this morning…
Sun-6-Shaved went to church in daytime  Jennie came over with Mildred stayed till eve I took her back to her work it thundered & lightninged all the way over + back wind blew hard most all the way house.  Johnie stayed with us to day.
Wed-16- Sorted potatoes + sacked them
Wed-23-Gathered sap and boiled it down Pa went to Centerville got 2 shoes set on Bill I crated up 30 bu of potatoes for Cyrus.
Sat 26- Drew out manure gathered sap buckets. Went after Jennie over to Chulles
Sun 27-…Took Jennie Back to work after Church
April 1910
Fri April-1- Pa and I went to Hume + Fillmore got 1 ½ for Clover 4 bu 4 lb timothy ½ ton phosphate 2-8-10 for oats  got money from W Hall for potatoes $6.75 came house mixed seed went to Wolfers got his drill.
Mon-4- Made order to S R + Co for Base balls glove hankerchiefs + shar strings….Went to Centerville got pair overalls 50c new crystal put in my watch 20c Mildred went along
Thu-14- Pittsburgh at St Louis to day for their opening Ball game in the National League, I dragged on flat for oats.
Sun-17 Went to SS + Church was there at 10 oclock dinner at Richard Morrises with Ward + Ellis took Jennie over to Millses to get her clothes as she as to work at home for a few weeks went to church in eve not many there stormy…

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