Neideigh Family: (from left to right)
Back row: Edward, Francis, Alton, Aaron
Front row: Annie, Jemima Elizabeth, Howard, William
The photo was taken about 1903
Alpheus J. was born on May 26, 1854, most likely in Perry County, Pennsylvania, the son of David Neideigh and Mary Berrier.  Jemima Elizabeth was born on November 11, 1847, the daughter of David Snyder and Mary Stump.
Alpheus was recorded in his father's family in the 1860 census of Blain, Toboyne Township, Perry County.   Alpheus's family was recorded in the 1880 census of Jackson Township, Perry County.
Alpheus passed away on May 6, 1893.  Jemima passed away on October 29, 1918.  They were buried at the Three Springs Church of the Brethren (German Baptist) Churchyard, in Jackson Township.
Alpheus and Jemima Neideigh had the following children:
Birth Date
Death Date
  Ira Howard September 19, 1869 ? Dora  
  William S. January 12, 1872 ? Ellen  
  Alton D. 'David?' February 15, 1874 ? Alice  
  Aaron H. April 27, 1875 ? Ethel  
  John E. 'Edward?' September 9, 1876 ? Mammie  
  George F. 'Francis?' July 17, 1879 ? Mabel  
  Robert C. October 26, 1880 ? ?  
  Martin L. November 10, 1881 November 23, 1881 None  
Annie Naomi Snyder April 7, 1884 June 19, 1968 Jacob Eby Williams
  Rosey Alice December 30, 1889 February 28, 1890 None  

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