Michael and Barbara Engel Newinger and Family
Left to right, Standing: Louise, Jacob, Michael, George, Salome. 
Seated: Barbara, Michael, Henry, Barbara (nee Engel), Phillip.
One other daughter, Catherine, had gone west when this picture was taken.
Second Generation
Chapter 2 (page 3)
Children of George (1) Newinger, all born in Alsace-Lorraine, France

1. Michael (2) Newinger, b. 7-7-1807 Oberkutzenhausen, was the founder of the NEVINGER family in America. He served for seven years in the French army and possessed a common school education. For personal betterment the family immigrated to America in 1843. They sailed on a French vessel from La Havre and the trip was uneventful. They traveled on the Erie Canal to Lyons, N.Y. and not liking the country proceeded shortly thereafter to S. Attica, Wyoming co., N.Y., a German settlement. They lived in a log house on what is known as the Hacker farm. Michaelís first job was that of a laborer on the New York Central Rail Road tracks for the sum of eleven cents per day. He was looking, in the meantime, for a farm in that locality which he could purchase. Peter Warner owned 240 acres of land on lots 1 and 3, range 2, section 13 which he sold to Michael. This farm is presently owned by Peter Glor. It is interesting to learn that Michaelís son Michael (3) lived on the farm for a time and then sold it to Charles (4) Nevinger, a cousin. In 1893, Charles sold this farm to another cousin, Peter Glor and thus it has been in the family for more than a hundred years.

The family made butter and cheese which Michael delivered to Warsaw. His spirited little gray team, hitched to a light wagon, could scarcely pick its way through the creek bed and rocks in the Warsaw gulf. Michael was well repaid for his slow and hazardous trip for during the Civil War period he received as high as five hundred dollars for his load of milk products.

Determined that his sons should not be subjected to the rigors of war, he paid three hundred dollars to each of three substitutes. This was a fairly common practice during the Civil War.

Religious Michael expired in the Tp. Orangeville, Wyo. Co., N.Y. 3-31-1892 from a complication of diseases. He was m. in his home town to Barbarah Engle who d. 9-2-1880, age 72. Her father was a teacher in the French schools. Barbarah was known to be an excellent cook and it is said that much of her success was due to the use of herbs which she raised in her garden. Her specialty was pork and sauerkraut, reported to have been seasoned with coriander.

This couple were buried in the Townline Cemetery on route 20-A near Halls Corner in the Tp. Warsaw, N.Y.

They were the parents of ten children: Barbara, Philipp, Catherine, Michael, George, Salome, Magdalena, Jacob, Henry and Louise.

Reference: Nevingers in America,
A Genealogical History of the Descendants of George Newinger
by Iva Waite Nevinger, Warsaw, New York, 1954

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