Front row: Ada Springer (2nd from left), Anna Springer (3rd from left)
First row of adults: Henry Ulrich (5th from left)
First row standing: Harry Springer (3rd from left), Lizzie (Ulrich) Springer (4th from left)
Henry was born on July 19, 1850 and died on April 26, 1932.  He was the son of Jacob Ulrich and Annie Zimmerman.  Elizabeth was born on January 6, 1855, the daughter of William Nauman and Mariah Stern.  Elizabeth passed away on July 31, 1923.  Henry and Elizabeth are buried in the East Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery.
Henry and Elizabeth had the following children:
Birth Date
Death Date
Clayton N. November 9, 1880 January 13, 1955 Lizzie D. Hammer
Annie N. July 17, 1881 1964 Elmer Christ
John H. November 19, 1883 March 7, 1967 Ellen Strickler
Lizzie N. November 17, 1885 1943 Harry H. Springer
Amanda N. July 31, 1894 July 26, 1962 Elmer B. Weidman
The above information was taken from the book entitled The Descendents of Jacob and Susan Ulrich 1817 - 1981 compiled by Lloyd G. Ulrich in 1981.

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