"Jacob and Susan Ulrich immigrated from Zurich, Switzerland to America in 1817, landing at the port of Baltimore, Maryland.  Due to the long journey coming over, which was supposed to have taken some forty weeks, Jacob was forced to sell his first-born daughter, Elizabeth, to help to pay for the trip.  Back in those days, this practice was not uncommon.  Later, because the purchaser became so attached to her, they refused to part with her and she was never again returned to the family.  Elizabeth was about four years old at the time of her parting.
Jacob and Susan settled in the northern part of Lancaster Co, in Elizabeth Township.  They raised a fair sized family of eight children besides Elizabeth.  They bought a farm about two miles north of Brickerville, in an area within walking distance of Elizabeth Furnace in Elizabeth Township.  It seems like it was a beautiful coincidence that brought Jacob and Susan to a place where they would be constantly reminded of their little daughter.
This home was later owned by Henry and Emma (Ulrich) Weit.  Emma (Ulrich) was a daughter of Joseph and Mary (Corry) Ulrich and a grand-daughter of Jacob and Susan Ulrich.  The homestead was later sold to a man by the name of Eberly.
Jacob and Susan Ulrich are buried in the Old Zion Reformed Church cemetery in Brickerville, Penna.  They are buried with their son William, and also their oldest son Jacob Ulrich and daughter-in-law Annie Zimmerman, in the Moravian section of the cemetery."
Reference:  The Descendents of Jacob and Susan Ulrich 1817 - 1981 compiled by Lloyd G. Ulrich in 1981.
Jacob and Susan had the following children:
Birth Date
Death Date
Elizabeth February 15, 1813 June 26, 1869 Hamilton Morrison
Jacob December 25, 1819 March 29, 1901 Annie Zimmerman
John June 2, 1821 September 20, 1899 Susan Deemer
William October 5, 1823 November 7, 1846 Louisette Sellers
Henry May 19, 1825 October 5, 1886 ?
David March 2, 1826 September 21, 1896 Elizabeth Moyer
Joseph January 9, 1831 January 6, 1888 Mary Ann Corry
Issac May 28, 1833 April 11, 1887 Rosa Beamesderfer
Maria June 26, 1835 February 16, 1911 Alfred Marks

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