Four Generations of Jacob Williams:
 Jacob D. (b.1848), Jacob E. b. (1882), Jacob N. (b.1908) and Jacob H. (b.1930)
Jacob D. Williams was born in Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1848, the son of Daniel Williams and Julia Ann Duncan.  Jacob died on October 31, 1933.  Mary M. Eby was born in Penn Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1856, the daughter of Jonas Eby and H. Esther Meck.  Mary passed away in Manheim, Lancaster County on July 3, 1922. 
Jacob and Mary were married on December 17, 1874, witnessed by Elizabeth Hershey and Daniel Williams.
The family was recorded on the 1880 census of Lexington Township, Lancaster County, PA.  Jacob and Mary were also both recorded in the 1900 census, 1910 census and 1920 census, in addition, Jacob D. was recorded in the 1930 census.
Jacob and Mary were buried at the Graybill Church of the Brethren Cemetery, located behind the Trinity Baptist Church on West Newport Road in Elm, Lancaster County.
Jacob D. and Mary had the following children:
Birth Date
Death Date
Minnie Eby December 27, 1875 February 1976 Benjamin Franklin Colten, Sr.  
  Hettie Eby February 26, 1877 August 15, 1954 Christian Wahl  
  Monroe Eby October 31, 1878 March 31, 1893 n/a  
  Mary Eby December 3, 1880 After 1968 Addison B. Long  
  Jacob Eby August 23, 1882 July 25, 1968 Annie Naomi Snyder Neideigh  


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